CAMMUS GT1 Steering Wheel

CAMMUS GT1 Steering wheel ( with a quick release)

1.320mm leather round wheel.

2.Hub includes 2 adjustable 3.carbon fiber paddle shifter, 4buttons, 2 rotary buttons, 1 momentary 3 way switch, 1 standard 3 way switch.

3.CNC Aluminum Housing with authentic Carbon Fiber front panel.

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GT1 steering wheel packing list:

Model Material name Product specification Usage amount
GT Steering Wheel GT steering wheel finished product 1
GT steering wheel-HUB 1
quick release 1
Steering wheel LOGO cover 1
Hexagon socket head screw M5*40 6
Round Head Screws M5*16 6
Wrench H3 1
Packing box GT 1


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