After-Sales Service Policy

The warranty period of this product is 1 year and products sold by, except Europe 2 years.

With the product warranty card, valid invoices for purchasing products or/and other valid certificates specified, users can Enjoy warranty service.

In order for you to enjoy the warranty support of CAMMUS, please do not intentionally damage the machine.

How to Get Warranty Services?

please email:

For orders from third-party websites or stores, we do not support after-sale service and we suggest you contact your original seller.

Service Regulations
  • The warranty card will not be reissued if it is lost, please keep it properly and present it when repair service is required;

  • The warranty card does not assume other responsibilities, including but not limited to any accidental or consequential damage or loss of expected benefits or profits, work stoppage or damage due to use or inability to use the product, etc. responsibility;

  • The parts replaced in the maintenance service will not be returned to the user;

  • The calculation method of the validity period of the maintenance service is based on the date of purchase;

  • For products with manufacturing defects, we will provide after-sales processing first, and refunds will be considered when it cannot be processed;

  • If there is any discrepancy between the content recorded in the warranty card and the relevant national laws and regulations, the relevant national laws and regulations shall prevail.

Cases where warranty service is not performed
  • Unable to produce valid invoices or/and other valid certificates and warranty cards stipulated in the warranty; (except for those that can prove that the product is within the validity period of the warranty according to the Three Guarantees regulations)

  • The warranty card has traces of alteration or the recorded product information is inconsistent with the actual product;

  • The barcode on the product is damaged or has traces of alteration;

  • Natural consumption, wear and aging of consumable materials;

  • Faults caused by lightning strikes or other electrical system reasons;

  • Failures caused by force such as accidents, disasters, and wars;

  • Damaged due to user behavior (self-refitting, repairing, or dismantling,refitting, repairing, etc. by a third party not authorized by CAMMUS);

  • Software failure of peripherals or accessories that are not configured by the product itself and cause product failure;

  • The use of third-party software that is not pre-installed on the product fails and causes product failure;

  • It is used for failure or damage of products whose product instructions do not clearly state that they are compatible with the product;

  • Faults caused by improper use or storage such as liquid damage, dampness, external force extrusion, drop, etc.;

  • Using pirated software or infecting with viruses during use causes malfunctions;

  • Beyond the validity period of the warranty;

  • Failure to use, maintain, and store according to the product instructions;

  • Products not distributed by CAMMUS.


* People who use or experience your device for the first time must be guided by the owner of the device.

*Hair, Loose clothing, cables, skirts, or other objects easily damaged or wrapped around wheel,should be kept away from the simulator.

*For users who use this product for simulated game activities, it is recommended to drive the car 30 minutes after the game is over.

*This instruction manual is only used as a general manual for a single product.

*The products demonstrated in this manual are only used as product descriptions and not as sales instructions.

The specific styles of products are subject to the purchase of the user.

*This manual is subject to update without prior notice. You can check the latest version of “User Manual” and other information on the CAMMUS official website and official information release platform. If you have any questions or suggestions about this instruction manual and all CAMMUS products, please contact us through information channels.

Thank you again for supporting CAMMUS!