CAMMUS DDWB 15NM and LC100 Pedals and GT1 Steering Wheel

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Maximum torque is 15Nm
Providing greater torque output

Direct Drive System
Get more sensitive and direct steering response

Servo Motor
Servo motor can realize the output of fixed angle, speed, and torque; And the servo motor control speed and position are more accurate and delicate.

Qiuck Response High Sensitivity
When driving vehicles approach the limit, it can control the vehicle more quickly.

Real Racing Experience
Adopting a direct drive system, a more sensitive and direct steering response can be obtained; The force feedback of the steering wheel will be more direct, faster, and closer to the real racing experience.

Plug and Play
Easy installation, quick to remove, and support diversified peripherals.

APP adjustment
More Intelligent to remote control by mobile APP adjustment.

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1 review for CAMMUS DDWB 15NM and LC100 Pedals and GT1 Steering Wheel

  1. Dylan P

    I bought a wheelbase about a year ago and loved the heck out of it! As of early 2024 it developed a weird issue, but CAMMUS was anything but hesitant to send me a brand new replacement WITH EXPRESS SHIPPING so it was here from their warehouse within days. Just hooked it up, and tested it out and it works beautifully. I knew buying a new brand like CAMMUS for cheaper sim equipment was a risk, but I am genuinely glad I took that risk. The firmware implementations they put out are getting closer and closer to those you see from more expensive competitors, and that is why I will be sticking with CAMMUS for my sim racing products. The customer support was very thorough and in-depth. As long as you are patient with them, you will get your questions answered. Can’t express my gratitude for this company and their willingness to send out a brand new wheelbase no questions asked. 5 stars but wish I could give more 🙂

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