Pre-order | CAMMUS New Arrival LC100 pedals

Note: LC100 pedals are currently in stock at our China warehouse. While you may receive the package sooner, shipping costs may be slightly higher. Alternatively, you can pre-order from our China warehouse with a $59 deposit. We will promptly notify you to pay the remaining $200 balance once the stock arrives at your local (US/EUR/UK/AUS/KSA) warehouse. Thank you for your understanding!

CAMMUS New Arrival LC100 pedals

1.Adjustable pedal throw and stiffness.

2.100kg brake load cell sensor.

3.Throttle/Clutch hall effect sensors.

4.Steel pedal arm construction.

Please note :
If you are the customer from our overseas warehouse region, you will be responsible for local customs clearance and duties when placing a direct-ship order through this link.

In stock
N/A ,


LC100 pedals packing list:

Model Material name Product specification Usage amount
LC100 pedal LC100 pedal finished product 1
Tin wrench  10-13 1
Disposable Allen Wrench H5 1
Disposable Allen Wrench H6 1
Black cylinder head bolts M8*25 4
Locknut M8 4
304 stainless steel cylinder head bolts M6*16 12
Nylon Locknut M6 12
6P flat telephone line (black) 2M 1
Square print line USB square port printing line 2M 1
Manual LC100 pedal 1
Packing box 1


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