Pre-order| CAMMUS C12 Direct Drive Steering Wheel

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Note: C12 steering wheels are currently in stock at our China warehouse. While you may receive the package sooner, shipping costs may be slightly higher. To save on your purchase, consider pre-ordering the steering wheel from our local warehouse for $50. We will promptly notify you to pay the remaining balance once the stock arrives at your local warehouse. Thank you for your understanding!

Only the CAMMUS C12 direct drive steering wheel with T-bracket, without the desk clamp.

We are shipping the products to overseas warehouses. When the goods arrive soon, we will notify you by email to pay the balance for shipment.

Please note :
If you are the customer from our overseas warehouse region, you will be responsible for local customs clearance and duties when placing an order through this link.

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7 reviews for Pre-order| CAMMUS C12 Direct Drive Steering Wheel


    This looks fantastic, well done on such an innovative piece of engineering. Can’t wait for it.

  2. JGUZ

    wow it’s so compact and convenient. I like it very much


    When I saw it, it immediately reminded me of the motors we see in some electric bicycles. I’m happy to have one of these and hope they come in more powerful iterations in the future.


    Excelente tardo aprox 2 semanas en llegar, vivo en Canada pero soy Mexicano, pedi la base y el soporte, ya que conecto mis pedales antiguos por usb a la base, ocupa muy poco espacio en la mesa y yo creo que si sigo en el simracing despues talvez vaya por una base mas cara de Cammus ya que por el precio tienen excelente calidad


    Great product, great price! I’ve seen some review videos on YouTube to see how it performs compared to other cheap brands, but for the price, it’s already a good deal on the surface .


    This is an awesome product. I have a simucube base, but this is completely revolutionary. I plan to get one just to travel with it. It’s an amazing product , kudos Camus!


    This was sent to me for review purposes and I think it is easily the best price/performance ratio wheel setup on the market currently.

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