CAMMUS C5 bundle for C5 Base and CP5 Pedals

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Only the CAMMUS C5 direct drive steering wheel with T-bracket and CP5 pedals, CAMMUS C5 bundle without the desk clamp.

If you wanna use the desk support, pls add desk clamp too.

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C5 base and CP5 pedals packing list:

Model Material name Product specification Usage amount
C5 C5  Finished product 1
MIX6-base T-bracket Processing according to the drawing (left and right) 2
Hexagon socket head screw M6*12 / 304 black 4
Cooling fan (turbo blower) 6015 / 24v, 3-wire speed control, connector XH2.54-3P 1
Fan screw M3*16 , combination screw/cross head black 2
Power Adapter 19V / 7.35A square port (two pins) 1
Power cable 2M 1
Square port USB cable 2M 1
Phillips screwdriver 3*75 cross 1
Allen wrench 4mm 1
MIX6 packing box Processing according to the drawing 1
Logistics box 1
Model Material name Product specification Usage amount
C5-shaft ferrule CP5-0106 4
C5-grooved shaft CP5-0107 2
C5-T type shaft sleeve CP5-0108 4
C5-Travel limit rod CP5-0010 2
C5-Base support plate CP5-0101 1
C5-Palm rest CP5-0102 2
C5-Pedal base CP5-0103 2
C5-Pedal Palm CP5-0104 2
C5-Magnet patch CP5-0105 2
C5-PCB shell CP5-0111 1
C5-torsion spring CP5-0012 2
Countersunk head bolt M4*10 4
Countersunk head bolt M3*6 8
Countersunk head tapping screw M3*10 4
Combination bolt M3*6 4
Kimi Bolt M3*3 4
Spring pin 6*45(diameter*length) 2
Retaining ring M6 8
Thin nut M6-3mm (thickness) 2
Double pass hexagonal copper column M3*8 4
Rubber sleeve M4 4
Non-slip rubber mat 4.3mm thick, 40 wide 2
Light guide post LDT3.0*4.5mm 1
Cylindrical magnet 4*4(diameter*height) 2
manual CP5 pedal 1
Square print line USB square port printing line 2M 1
Packing box 1

3 reviews for CAMMUS C5 bundle for C5 Base and CP5 Pedals

  1. Fernando

    Just started sim racing and this thing is amazing for $300 it feels amazing and really sturdy

  2. oscar

    upgrading from g29 felt quite a diffirence solid 4/5 deffo recommend for begginers

  3. Donnie

    It works great for the game catalog it is designed for and is the only knock I can give it for now. Needs support for more games, especially NASCAR outside of IRacing. Most NASCAR sim fans still use NR2003 and I’d like to see support added for it. It also didn’t work for Forza Motorsport and day one and just received an update to support it recently. So far I have seen 4 or 5 updates roll out, so it seems they are trying to add games to the catalog. I have a squeaky brake pedal and the wheel assembly occasionally makes noise under hard turning, but nothing I can’t live with. WD40 fixed the squeaky pedal spring up just fine. It really is a great wheel for the price and performs better than advertised. If you can deal with the limited titles available while they continue to add more, it is well worth the money. I have had no complaints with how this wheel performs, it was easy to assemble, easy to switch out for my other wheel when the game is not compatible and they have been making constant improvements since I got mine.

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