Forza Horizon5 Support 

Forza Horizon5 Support


On November 9, “Forza Horizon 5” was released. Over 4.5 million players registered on the first day of release. Which is three times more than “Forza Horizon 4”.

As the world’s most interesting and astonishing open world racing game, of course you don’t want to miss it. However, the “Horizon” series has not been ready for emulator support, which makes some players very frustrated.

The good news is that the CAMMUS simulator is ready for Forza Horizon 5!

Download the driver, follow the debug tutorial, and then you can play Forza Horizon 5 on your own CAMMUS simulator!

Download Link:Driver Software


Open the unzipped folder

  1. Install vJoy, make sure to close anti-virus software during installation.

Restart if prompted to restart the computer during installation

After the installation is complete, open Configure vJoy.exe (you can find it in the menu of the win key)

Then check it as shown in the figure above, select Apply after modification, and close it.


  1. Open DIView, which is a software that detects device input. Please check whether the buttons of your simulator can be used normally.

Do not turn off after testing.


Open “Next Step”

1.Open Configurator.exe

Click Set behind Steering, and then turn the steering wheel. At this time, the “None” column has changed. Make sure that its name is consistent with the corresponding column in the detection program “DIView”.

The same applies to the following throttle, brake, clutch, and handbrake.


Then set the button. In the same way, after clicking Set under Button, there is a drop-down menu bar, and you can select the button you need to map.

Note: Please set all the buttons on, and don’t forget to set the sequence wave as well.


You can refer to the figure below after you finally set it up

Note: Remember to put the hook on the throttle and brake (reverse).


Remember to click Save config on the upper right to close it after you are done.


2.Open Hush.exe, click Mute, and keep it unclosed.

3.Open Forza EmuWheel.exe, click Start, and keep it closed.


4.Note: At this time, please check whether there is a device named “Vjoy Device” in DIView, and check whether it has been associated with your simulator device (when using the simulator, two sliders move at the same time, indicating that it has been connected )


5.Then you can enter the game, go to the “Control” column of the settings, select the “Steering Wheel” tab, and then you can bind all the keys according to everyone’s needs.

Note: If you don’t match all the options with exclamation marks at the back, the settings cannot be saved.


After saving the settings, you can play the game normally. If you want to play “Horizon 5” in the future, repeat steps 2 and 3 in the “Adaptation Program” before opening the game.