CAMMUS C5 bundle for C5 Base and CS5 Desk Clamp

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Only the CAMMUS C5 direct drive steering wheel with T-bracket and CS5 desk clamp, CAMMUS C5 bundle without the pedal.

If you wanna use the pedal support, pls add pedal too.

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C5 base and CS5 desk clamp packing list:

ModelMaterial nameProduct specificationUsage amount
C5C5 Finished product1
MIX6-base T-bracketProcessing according to the drawing (left and right)2
Hexagon socket head screwM6*12 / 304 black4
Cooling fan (turbo blower)6015 / 24v, 3-wire speed control, connector XH2.54-3P1
Fan screwM3*16 , combination screw/cross head black2
Power Adapter19V / 7.35A square port (two pins)1
Power cable2M1
Square port USB cable2M1
Phillips screwdriver3*75 cross1
Allen wrench4mm1
MIX6 packing boxProcessing according to the drawing1
Logistics box 1


22 reviews for CAMMUS C5 bundle for C5 Base and CS5 Desk Clamp


    Une fois mon CAMMUS C5 installé, j’ai pu constater tranquillement les raisons indéniables de sa supériorité face à la concurrence. Vous devriez prendre le temps de sérieusement considérer CAMMUS avant de faire tout autre achat. les volant a courroie… TERMINÉ!
    Once my CAMMUS C5 was installed, I was able to quietly see the undeniable reasons for its superiority over the competition. You should take the time to seriously consider CAMMUS before making any other purchases. belt-driven flywheels… never again!


    1st Wheel, have it for 1 month now, never would want an other one. recommend 100%. there’s just no better deal. unique for the price. Super quality, no regrets. Force feedback, is more than enough. this thing is great love it, now i need an LC100 to pair with this thing. xD

  3. Fernando

    Just started sim racing and this thing is amazing for $300 it feels amazing and really sturdy

  4. oscar

    upgrading from g29 felt quite a diffirence solid 4/5 deffo recommend for begginers

  5. Donnie

    It works great for the game catalog it is designed for and is the only knock I can give it for now. Needs support for more games, especially NASCAR outside of IRacing. Most NASCAR sim fans still use NR2003 and I’d like to see support added for it. It also didn’t work for Forza Motorsport and day one and just received an update to support it recently. So far I have seen 4 or 5 updates roll out, so it seems they are trying to add games to the catalog. I have a squeaky brake pedal and the wheel assembly occasionally makes noise under hard turning, but nothing I can’t live with. WD40 fixed the squeaky pedal spring up just fine. It really is a great wheel for the price and performs better than advertised. If you can deal with the limited titles available while they continue to add more, it is well worth the money. I have had no complaints with how this wheel performs, it was easy to assemble, easy to switch out for my other wheel when the game is not compatible and they have been making constant improvements since I got mine.

  6. Cristian

    Amazing! My 1st wheel, only need more games support!


    Love my C5. Great company. Great tech support. Always improving their product and software.


    I have the c5 (upgraded from logitech) and it is such an improvement to self alignment of the vehicle. In fact I need to adjust it a bit cause it can over correct sometime. Just think I need to mess with dampening. But super strong.


    Great product, great price! I’ve seen some review videos on YouTube to see how it performs compared to other cheap brands, but for the price, it’s already a good deal on the surface .

  10. DEAN_DCT

    For the price it’s amazing. I only use it on iRacing and only use the pc app(no phone app). Everything is working as intended. Delivery to Canada was 2 weeks. Customer support is not responsive, did receive an email days after I got my tracking from Dhl. Buy the clamp because mounting it at the angle I want was too much of a hassle for me without it. Force feedback is good, the filters bring out everything you would want for realism, and turning them off is great for shear speed on the track. I’m very happy with the purchase and I believe it’s a steal at this price.


    My C5 has way more power than i will ever need. Way, way over 5 nm. in some games it’s scary strong until tuned. I mean its so powerful i can’t hold on to it. more like 9-10 nm. But those flimsy paddles suck.


    The C5 is the most innovative design ever. And its not just for show. They are a young company and seem to be learning and improving. This design allows the wheel to achieve near instant rotation which is what I meant by not for show.


    The best choice for a reasonable price! Compact, easy, performant. Great


    In my case I was saving to buy the CSL DD and my only concern with the CSL DD is precisely that, the space, but after seeing some reviews and see how small the wheel is I think I need to buy this Cammus for sure, because being so small for me comes in luxury.
    For people who have a cockpit and live in a house where you can have a room dedicated to Simracing, the size may not matter, but for those who live in small houses / apartments where we have to be assembling and disassembling the wheel every time we want to play …. Having a C5 so small and compact which I can assemble and disassemble on a table very easily is one of the biggest reasons to buy this wheel and not another.

  15. Mars

    for those who ask why this flywheel is better than a t150, t300, tspc, g29 and all its variants in short any geared flywheel or corrreas. to begin with this cammus c5 is a DIRECT DRIVE! i.e. the motor is directly integrated into the shaft and does not have a mast that transmits the force “eye the other dd do the same but the engine is so to speak away from the wheel itself, that obviously transmits more direct sensations and with less imput lag that have other flywheels belts “add the gears” and you remove 2 problems above: NOISE AND WEAR, that in the section of the vo,ante and what about the most important part of a system simracing? YES THE PEDALBOARD! although this is the most basic thing that can exist in comparison to load cell or other pedalboards this one has more resolution than one of logitech or trusmaster “256” steps vs the 4095 that should have this one “if it is 1024” the difference is huge and here again we have 2 problems that we get rid of “wear of potentiometers in the other steering wheels like the g29 or t150 0 t300” and the resolution that makes you be more precise in braking and acceleration that is where the secret of being fast is! ! not the steering wheel itself!not bad enteinda a c5 cammus is not better than a t150 if what you want is to go fast “WITHOUT HAVING SENSATIONS” the real speed gives you a very good pedal and brake!!! but this pedalboard with sensosres hall is far superior to those who have steering wheels as g29 for example!!! maybe if it were adjustable or with a harder resolte “brake pedal” or elastometros would be the ideal and would be a totally unbeatable product!!!and the cams…. god those cams are so small!!! it is a product that for me should be a reference to enter in the “LEVEL LOW” simracing, although I think it is much more than any more expensive DD in terms of quality and price, it is totally unbeatable, very good for cammus.


    For desk drivers who only do this once in a blue moon in a small apartment, the very small package size is very attractive, as long as you can build it up within like 3 minutes. I always have a power screwdriver at hand though, a little 3.7V one, which speeds up such things greatly.


    Really intrigued by the C5 especially for its price point and the punch. I know it gets a bit of criticism for its looks Shakes fist “Damn bumper cars stay off my lawn!” but shit, man. I like quirky, haha. I know they recently updated the ability to display the selected gear in the display and also able to go from only kph to mph, so little updates and things like that are good to know they are working on upgrades in the software etc. The sturdiness of the mount paired with the ability to take apart the desk clamp and directly mount it to a rig plate seems a nice feature.

  18. LHT4002

    저렴하며 AS도 만족스럽고, 공간을 적게 차지 하며, 매우 적절한 동작을 보여주고 있는 훌륭한 키트입니다.
    이 제품을 선택하지 않을 이유가 없습니다.
    지금도 좋지만 지속적인 소프트웨어의 업그레이드를 통하여 기기의 성능을 최대한으로 끌어올려지기를 기원합니다.

  19. NDM

    Upgraded to this from a Logitech G923 and couldn’t be happier. The detail in the forcefeedback is excellent, build quality is superb. I was initially concerned about the shifters but they’re just fine. The team at Cammus were great also when I ordered direct from them but requested a refund to order direct from Abruzzi in the UK. Refunded me in 2 business days. So really great product and company.

  20. JOSHUA

    Excellent wheel for the price. The wheel is extremely smooth and the ffb feels on par with much more expensive DD wheels. For the price you really can’t go wrong. The build quality is excellent and the CAMMUS software is very user friendly. Being able to adjust wheel settings from the CAMMUS app on my phone is a really cool feature. This wheel feels like it should be 2x the cost it actually is. I highly recommend this wheel for anyone looking for a good DD wheel.


    An amazing wheel !!! ( @ its price point ) I upgraded from a Thrustmaster T 300, the Cammus C5 makes my T 300 feel like a toy in comparison. The power is a massive jump but the biggest
    improvement is the fidelity. The amount of information that the C5 is able to relay is simply a game changer ( vs the T300 ) best upgrade so far. Nothing is even close to this wheel it is competing with the Fanatec DD in quality and performance @ half the price !!! (here in Canada) to say I am thrilled is an understatement. And for me and my setup, it has more than enough power, I can not say enough good things about this wheel.


    The C5 is the most innovative design ever. And its not just for show. They are a young company and seem to be learning and improving. This design allows the wheel to achieve near instant rotation which is what I meant by not for show.

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